Scarfs (britannica3) wrote in rollface,

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What's it cut with???

does anyone know of a site that you can to that will let you look up whats in a pill.

(I remember going to a site one time, and just typed in the color, and the stamp...and it posted what it was cut with)
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those sites are usually wrong, you should get a tester kit. you can find booths giving them out at alot of massives (raves) or google it.


June 19 2005, 18:24:24 UTC 12 years ago
search pillreports.. pilltesting.. you should find what you need. but to be totally sure, pill testing kits are best.
i've been there before, but i'm looking for the site that someone has already tested a pill, and is reporting what they've found. like i know a green apple is probably different in detroit than it is san fransisco.

i just can't remember the site.

thanks for the one you mentioned though